complex PTSD

Podcast discussing Complex PTSD

Chris Puddy speaks out about complex PTSD and the effect it has on his life. Join all of the team from Fountain Therapy and be part of the Podcast series which will explore issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Hear real-life events and learn how Chris has turned his life around as it will give everyone hope. At times life can deal us all a cruel twist of fate but Chris has not let this hold him back.

The team from Fountain Therapy will explore what tools help Chris in his recovery and also what he needs now. We will look at what therapies are useful in this situation and help Chris on his journey.

Read more about Behavioral Therapy or NLP, as these can be useful therapies but always seek medical advice first.

You will be able to watch the podcast at a later date but if you want more info call on our Therapies.

Call  07772 467444

You can be notified of when the Podcast is live by sending us an email to request it

Chris Puddy talks about PTSD

Chris Puddy talks about PTSD

LaunchPod Studios Launches Fountain Therapy

You can watch their first podcast on Complex PTSD on both Youtube and our teams own websites. We would also like you to follow the team at LaunchPod Studios on Instagram

LaunchPod Studios welcomes Fountain Therapy with their first Podcast on Complex PTSD

As we progress with our Mental Health series we welcome your requests about what you would like the team to discuss. We will also be having a phone in option and will give advice via our Fountain Therapy website.

We are very excited about this opportunity and welcome any feedback, plus hear from potential therapists to join us. You can watch our first-ever podcast now.

If you would like a call from our team around Complex PTSD drop us an email or Tel; 07772 467444