Behavioral Therapy or NLP
  • Do you feel like you are suffering from symptoms such as sadness, loss, or anger?
  • Are there times when you are feeling empty or hopeless?
  • How are you finding being able to concentrate on completing tasks? Are there times when you have delayed responses during conversations?

It may be that you are feeling depressed or have anxiety about life at the moment. It is vital that a medical assessment takes place as soon as possible. If you then find that the waiting times are too long and you need that help now.

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Behavioral Therapy or NLP

How is Behavioral Therapy or NLP different from counselling?

Counselling is what as known as talking therapy and been around for many years. Its an opportunity to express feelings and explore difficulties, such as things you find distressing. A good counsellor will just listen so that they can understand or help to clarify the problem. Counselling can be good for people who would like space and time to verbalise their thoughts and feeling. Especially if it is a safe space where people are being listened to. A counsellor isn’t, however for everyone. A Counsellors don’t offer advice or solutions but will look at the underlying issues. They can allow the individual to discover new options or perspectives as a result of talking through the problem.

  • Do you find that you need to talk to someone today but need to tap into the unconscious mind?

Behavioral Therapy or NLP is about helping people to become more consciously aware of their thinking patterns. Both CBT and NLP have strong links between thoughts, feelings and behaviour. The problem for CBT is that most thought is unconscious and CBT does not work with the unconscious mind. The similarities with NLP are in that it’s philosophy is that the content of our thoughts has a major influence on our emotions and behaviour. It has been proven that NLP can change habits unconsciously in a matter of minutes, not days which is what CBT can take.

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How can therapy help me today?

Some people are troubled by past events but this is not unusual in the therapy world? It may be that you need to talk to one of our team. Once we have done an assessment, then we will be able to direct you as to how to get help. It may be that we refer you to a mental health specialist but if you are looking for immediate help then we are here. There are currently 120,000 patients on hidden waiting lists waiting for help. More than 122,000 patients are waiting more than eight weeks to see a doctor again after their first appointment. (Source Independent)

If you have had a medical assessment and they have advised Behavioral Therapy or NLP. Then the team can get straight to work.

If there are times in your life that are troubling you then NLP has a toolkit full of tools. NLP does not require you to discuss your problems in order to provide a solution. It is more focused on fixing the unconscious problem than your conscious thoughts.

CBT requires you to talk honestly about your problems and what you are experiencing. The therapist will look at how the situation links to your thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

Our counsellors will not be able to offer advice but allow you to discover new options or perspectives. That being said neither will our therapists or Life coaches, as it is for you to choose your destiny.

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Behavioral Therapy or NLP

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